How Your Brand Can Use 360-Degree Videos

June 02, 2017

By now, chances are good that you’ve heard of or probably even seen 360-degree video technology. And it’s pretty dang cool, right? We think so! Take a look below to learn more about what the technology is, how we’ve embraced it and why you should too!


What is 360-Degree Video?

360-degree video is shot with a specialized omnidirectional camera which simultaneously records all 360 degrees of a scene at once. The footage is then stitched together to form a single video allowing viewers to see the footage from any angle. For a fully immersive experience, 360-degree video should be viewed on a device such as Google Cardboard. However, watching on a mobile device allows viewers to see the full scene and move around within it, while viewing on desktop requires a user to drag the video to change their viewpoint and explore the video.


360-Degree in Action

S&B has just finished up a 360-degree video campaign for the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. We needed to find the best way to develop shareable and engaging content that appealed to the target audience while telling the stories of Wisconsin dairy, modern agriculture and dairy nutrition. There was a conversation about how great it would be to physically take people on a tour of a dairy farm so they could see for themselves just how well the animals are cared for, and how that translates to a high-quality product. Obviously, that wasn’t a realistic possibility. We talked about a traditional video tour, but that seemed to lack the authenticity we wanted to portray. A 360-degree video was the perfect solution.

The new technology of 360-degree video gave us the unique opportunity to tell a deeper, more engaging story. It offered the chance to conduct a remote tour, almost as if the audience was actually on the farm. And because the viewer was actively navigating through the content they were consuming, they were inherently part of it. That vested interest not only increased engagement, it helped us tell a story with greater impact. We are thrilled that the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board let us step outside the video-box as they knew it and engage people in a new and innovative way.


Why Should You Embrace This Storytelling Technique?

We’ve found that whenever you give an audience the chance to discover something on their own, they’re more inclined to be receptive, retain and act on that discovery. Plus, there’s a higher likelihood that they’ll share the discovery with others. Think about it—if you’re an eyewitness to an event, the chances that you’ll share that story and remember the details are high. Compare that to hearing about the event secondhand from a friend or passively watching a video clip of it—you might remember it, but the vividness and detail aren’t quite the same. And therefore, the likelihood of acting on it isn’t the same.

At S&B, we help our clients look at new platforms and user desires to determine what makes sense for their brand, audience, budget and goals. And as more brands dip into 360-video as a platform for advertising, we don’t see it going away any time soon.

Curious how 360-degree video could work for you? We’d love to share our ideas! Leave a comment below or email us at



360 video in dairy barn

360 Farm Tours

360 Farm Tours

Self-navigable 360 video tours help show what it’s really like on the farm.

Self-navigable 360 video tours help show what it’s really like on the farm.

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