our people make us great

We’re a team of passionate problem solvers. We’re enthusiastic, fanatical and honest.

Katja Schindler

Creative Director

Daniel Hearn

Executive VP & COO

Some Of Us Are
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Allie Clark

PR Coordinator

Allie Clark Allie Clark

Emily Shea

VP & Executive Creative Director

Emily Shea Emily Shea

Sarah Curry

Social Media Account Supervisor

Sarah Curry Sarah Curry

Jena Vuylsteke Williamson

PR & Social Media Senior Account Executive

Jena Williamson

Kate Salkin

Senior Interactive Designer

Meagan Weber

Jr. Art Director

Meagan Weber Meagan Weber
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Nicole Mittelstadt

Account Executive

Marki Landerud

VP & Account Director

Laura Krogstad

Media Director

Laura Krogstad

Janet Harter

Senior Account Group Administrator

Janet Harter Janet Harter

Paul Clark

VP, Controller & HR Director

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Derrik Daun

Account Executive

Derrik Daun Derrik Daun

George Whitely

President & CEO

Shawn Krohn

Senior Interactive Designer

Ryan Werner

Media Planner/Buyer

Megan Bykowski-Giesegh

VP & PR & Social Media Director

Danny May

Junior Copywriter

Danny May Danny May

Troy Giesegh

Senior Art Director

Travis Biechele

Director of Digital Media

Jerry McDougal

Systems Administrator

We’re A Little Bit
Rock ’N Roll
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