our people make us great

We’re a team of passionate problem solvers. We’re enthusiastic, fanatical and honest.

Danny May

Junior Copywriter

Danny May Danny May
Some Of Us Are
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Jerry McDougal

Systems Administrator

Laura Krogstad

Media Director

Laura Krogstad

Katja Schindler

Creative Director

Allie Clark

PR & Social Media Coordinator

Allie Clark Allie Clark

Jessica Hammer

PR & Social Media Coordinator

Jessica Hammer Jessica Hammer

Allison Lindorfer

Senior Account Executive

Allison Lindorfer Allison Lindorfer

Daniel Hearn

Executive VP & COO

Abby Lipp

Digital Media Buyer

Abby Lipp Abby Lipp
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Marki Landerud

VP/Partner, Account & Business Development Director

Emily Shea

VP/Partner & Executive Creative Director

Emily Shea Emily Shea

Janet Harter

Senior Account Group Administrator

Janet Harter Janet Harter

Meagan Weber


Meagan Weber Meagan Weber

Sarah Curry

Associate Social Media Director

Sarah Curry Sarah Curry

Paul Clark

VP, Controller & HR Director

Troy Giesegh

Senior Art Director

Shawn Krohn

Senior Interactive Designer

Megan Bykowski-Giesegh

VP & PR & Social Media Director

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Travis Biechele

Director of Digital Media

Kate Salkin

Senior Interactive Designer

Kendall Poltzer

PR & Social Media Account Executive

Kendall Poltzer Kendall Poltzer

McKenna Sokol

Account Executive

mckenna sokol mckenna sokol

Kelly Meyer

Digital Marketing Director

Kelly Meyer Kelly Meyer

George Whitely

President & CEO

We’re A Little Bit
Rock ’N Roll
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